Best Bread Machine Reviews

Many of us love waking in the morning and having a toast with our breakfast or even as a quick snack. If you love eating fresh food then fresh bread  needs to be  be part of your diet free from preservatives and other harmful additives.

In this article we will help you  find the best bread machine & bread maker reviews.

Many people think bread making is alot of hard work with preparing the dough and baking the bread in the oven. Many of us simply don’t have time for the old fashion methods but there’s better way of getting fresh bread each morning without doing any hard work.

Best of all your loaf of bread will be ready by the time you get up and all the hard work is take care of by the bread machine.

There’s no air freshener can replace the scent of home baking. An overwhelming, homely scent that flows through your home…excellent to waken up to in the morning.

How to Choose The Best Bread Machine

Find a product that will meet your needs is always difficult because you have to research the different types of features which may not quite understand or need. Here at KitchenGadgets we are trying to make your life easy by explaining each feature in simple terms .

Shape and Size

Many of the bread machine come in different shapes and sizes. if you are restricted for space in your kitchen then size will be important many of the breadmakers usually  are compact but think about what type of loaf you enjoy. Many people opt for a medium size bread machine which tends to be tall and slightly square.

If you like the farmhouse type of bread then you will need to keep a lookout for a bread machine that makes rectangular loaf although you will still be able to make a normal small size loaf.

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Bread Machines make loaf’s from  1lb to 2.5lb  you will need to look carefully at this when choosing a bread machine as fresh bread doesn’t last long has the from the supermarket.

Best way to understand which bread machine is suitable for you family is to break the loaf sizes into slices.

  • Best Bread Machines By Size
  •  1.0 lb Loaf = 8 slices  (S mall Bread Machine)
  • 1.5/2.0 lb Loaf = 12/16 slices (Medium Bread Machine)
  • 2.5 lb Loaf = 20 slices (Large Bread Machine)

You may also see breadmakers with all  configurations which allow you to make different types of breads.

Key Points

  • Think about height if you going to keep it under kitchen cupboards.
  • Choose a  machine that makes smaller loaves if you have a small family and don’t eat lot of bread.
  • Look at the pan size to determine the final size of your baked loaf.

 Best Bread Machines with Key Features

Now that you armed with the size of loaf and number of slices you require for your family next we need to look at what the bread maker can do for us. When buying bread machine its good to know what features it has and if they will benefit you.

Types of Dough

The best bread machine can produce different types of bread such as white bread,brown bread,wholemeal,seeded loaves and gluten-free.  The most basic models will come with white bread, wholemeal and seeded bread. If you like your bread maker to prepare dough for pizza or a speciality bread then keep look out through the features list for this.

 Dough Cycle

The dough cycle feature gives you the ability to make the dough without cooking it. This feature is useful for those who want to shape their dough by hand. Essentially you can remove the dough from the bread machine shape it then move into the oven idea for those who are make pizza or rolls.

Panasonic Breadmaker programmes

Crust Control

Ever wondered why the bread from the supermarket was burnt at the baking stage well it all depends down to the handy crust control.This ensures the crust of the bread isn’t burnt or browned nor would you want it too light.

Rapid Bake

If your in hurry for a fresh piece of loaf then this feature could come handy on your bread maker. Rapid bake allows to bake  a white loaf of bread in less than an hour depending on the breadmaker. It useful but we wouldn’t want to rush our loaf because the result sometimes are not good its ok to have as a feature but the standard settings are better even if it takes longer.

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Preheat Cycle

This feature is one that we love because it warms our bread  ingredients to room temperature ready to make the bread dough quicker.

Bread Pan

A bread pan is a non-stick bread pan which contains the kneading paddle, rotating shaft and a handle to the pan  out of your breadmaker. Always wash the pan by hand.

Kneading paddle

The days of kneading  your dough over when you buy your first breadmaker you will realising  that a breadmaker is a life saver. The bread machine  uses the kneading paddle to mixes the ingredients which in turn kneads them into a dough.

Tip : Some of these paddles collapse after the kneading cycle and they will leave hole in the bottom of your bread. Its best to clean the pan and kneading paddle to remove any excess bread left on the paddle. If you find this difficult you can fill the pan with warm soapy water which will help it to remove any left over baked dough.

Viewing Window

We at kitchen gadgets like to see how food is perpared weather we at a posh resturant or at home. A viewing window on bread machine is important in our view because it help us to keep an eye on our bread. Another advantage of having a bread maker with a viewing window is  you won’t need to keep opening to see your bread so this reduce the chance of losing temperature inside the breadmaker.

best bread machine viewing window

Automatic Dispenser

Many of the top bread makers have automatic dispenser which means no more loading the ingredients just open in the dispenser and you will be able to get number of loafs made using the dispenser. The best bread machine is the Panasonic breadmaker which reviewed previously which also dispensers fruit and nut.

Pre-programmed Settings

The best bread machines come with many pre-programmed settings to get you going without having to tell your breadmaker to make bread. A quality bread machine will come with wealth of pre- programmed settings which help you make selections for different bread types such as wheat,French bread,seeded bread and much more.

A simple control panel will help you get you want instead of manually telling the bread machine what ingredients you have .

Bread Machine Delay Timer

You can also find that there’s sophisticated bread making machines that come with the delayed bake option. This can be a deciding factor for many that the model they’ve chosen is one of the best bread makers for them, as it lets them set it at night, and have fresh bread for breakfast.

Many of the best bread machines come with delay timer which is really hand if you want to tell your machine when you want your loaf of bread. Simply pop in your ingredients tell the bread maker you want your bread in the morning and the bread maker will have this loaf of bread made for you by the time you get for your breakfast.

Panasonic BreadMaker sd2501 close up

Resume Function

If you find bread maker with this feature then it simple means if the bread maker loses power it will continue when the power is turned on again .

When looking for the best bread machine you will need to look for the features we have mentioned above and find product that is suitable for you.

Which is the Best Bread Machine for me  ?

When looking for the best bread machine you will want to read many different reviews to find the best bread maker for you but here at kitchen gadgets we have done all the hard work for you !

We have reviewed the best bread making machines for you to read and make a choice.Using our wealth of kitchen and baking knowledge have selected the best bread makers for you to look into.

Our bread maker reviews cover wealth of models which suit different families weather they are large or small. We all know that we are told breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides us with energy to concentrate better at work,school or even at home.


How much does it cost to run a breadmaker?

Typical you can pick up decent breadmaker for around £50 although we recommend looking for a more feature packed breadmaker  which can offer you variety of features and programs.

When looking at a bread maker you will want to also consider warranty and after sale support. Typical you will get a bread maker which has 1 year support but if you are buying from Argos or any of the online retailers then i would suggest you go for a 3 year warranty.

Best Bread Machine

 How Much Does it cost to run a bread making machine ?

I personally wouldn’t even look at the cost of electricty because i am looking at the freshness of the loaf and the added health benefits. Bread making will not cost you much as a bread making machine consumes less energy.

A breadmaker will cost about 1p an hour to run and when you look at the different processes you will understand the dough programme will cost less than the baking process.

So if you were making a 400g wholemeal bread with ingredients it will cost around 40p to make a loaf of bread which cheaper than buying Hovis or Kingsmill bread from the supermarket.


  • Ingredients (400g of wholemeal) – 32p-35p
  • Electricity  6p
  • Total  cost = 41p

Making bread at home is cheaper and tasty then buying pre-made supermarket bread which is made using lots of different.

Best Bread Machine Reviews – Our Top Picks

We have reviewed many  different best bread maker reviews and to give quick run down on picks we have provided simple table for you check out our top 5 selections.

When choosing a best bread machine you will need to note down the features you require ideally you will want to select 4 features that are essential to your needs.

Brand & ModelLoaf sizesAutomatic DispenserProgrammesTimer delayViewing windowPrice
Kenwood Bread Maker BM450500g, 750g, 1kgYes1515 HoursYes
Panasonic Bread Maker SD2502 800gYes1113 HoursNo
Russell Hobbs Bread Maker 1 lb, 1.6 lb and 2.2 lbNo1213 HoursYes
Panasonic SD-2501WXC 3 SizesYes1113 HoursNo
Morphy Richards Bread Maker 483222 lbsNo1312 HoursYes

There’s no air freshener can replace the scent of home baking.

An overwhelming, homely scent that flows through your home…excellent to waken up to in the morning.

There’s also the issue of special dietary needs to consider. Some people are limited in the bread they can buy, if they require a gluten free bread, or want to bake a rye bread. For these types of recipes, since they use a lighter grain of flour, some bread baking machines tend to activate the yeast too early in the cycle.

Best Breadmaker Reviews

Again, the Panasonic bread maker is one of the best breadmakers for using lighting grains. The SD-2501wxc model, in particular, which has a white finish and comes with a 100% pre-programmed gluten-free mode.

If you feel you want the Panasonic breadmaker, which gives you more options for specialty baking, with lighter grains of flour. That’s finished in a modern and slick looking stainless steel finish too. An excellent stand-alone appliance, for any modern kitchen. For more information on these two Panasonic breadmakers read our reviews.


There’s a variety of sizes bread baking machines can come in too. Some are ideal for smaller kitchens, such as the Morphy Richards breadmaker, as those are lightweight, small, compact and easy to store away neatly in your cupboards, whereas you can get larger and heavier designs, taking up a lot of your counter top space.

Bread Recipes

Over the next few months will be also covering how to bake bread using a bread maker. We want to provide you easy to use recipes that enjoy your bread in the mornings for breakfast.