Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review

Do you enjoy indulging in the finest of REAL Italian style coffee? If you do, then you’ll be blown away with the Gaggia Brera bean to cup coffee machine. It gives you the results that you’d only ever expect from a true Barista.

The powerful 15 bar pressure pump, goes to work, extracting all the rich oils from your coffee beans, and emulsifying them together to give you a thick crema, with a deep dark and rich looking reddish brown tint, which you can feel the smoothness of, the instant it touches your lips. Getting these results, from any other bean to cup coffee machines, can take you an age to perfect, as it can only be described as an art.

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Fortunately, with the technology and simplicity of the Gaggia Brera, bean to cup coffee machine, you can get that tantalizing, taste bud tingling, rich and strong coffee made with the simple push of one button.

Gaggia Brera Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review

As an Espresso coffee machine, the Gaggia Brera is one of the best bean to cup coffee machines, you’ll find. While it’s twin boiler system will reach high temperatures, almost instantaneously, the coffee machine doesn’t leave burnt beans behind, like some other models have problems with.

It’s also stylishly designed and compact enough to sit neatly and comfortably on your kitchen worktops. It’s designed with both style and simplicity in mind. Practicality plays an important role too, as you need easy access to top up the compartments with either water or coffee beans. All of which are easily accessible from the stainless steel front and top loading ground coffee compartment, with a detachable brewing unit too, which comes in especially handy for cleaning.

A Perfect Cappuccino Machine

If you’re going to use it as a Cappuccino machine, or for other drinks with a creamy froth on top, such as Lattes and/or Macchiatos, then you’ll be able to take comfort knowing that your frother isn’t going to be affected with ground in milk, that hardens and stops your machine from working properly. The Gaggia Brera has its own built-in self-cleaning program, to ensure that it’s ready for use when you need it. It’s intelligent technology will alert you when to push the self clean button to ensure maximum performance.

Gaggia Brera bean to cup coffee

Gaggia Brera Unique Design

One other important factor that comes into the design of the Gaggia Brera bean to cup coffee machine are the unique ceramic grinder it uses to grind your coffee beans. Extensive testing went into this and ceramic blades were the material that retained the most aromas, and flavour in the coffee beans, to enrich the intensity of the coffee it makes. That’s why the Gaggia Brera uses the ceramic blades and not the stainless steel blades, other bean to cup coffee machines use, that don’t enrich your coffee.

With any other Cappuccino machine, Espresso coffee machine or even top of the line bean to cup coffee machines, there’s normally some default factory settings on the coffee machine. That’s the same for the Gaggia Brera as it comes with 5 preset programs for brewing your coffee.

Why Buy this ?

Where it comes into a life of its own though is through the memory program option it has. You get 5 of the very best recommended settings already programmed into the Gaggia Brera Espresso coffee machine, but since everyone’s taste differs, you can still get the push button Espressos made to your preference by saving your favourite custom setting. No other bean to cup coffee machines are able to remember how you like your coffee and at the press of a button, brew it to the time you want, grind the coffee beans to your desired taste, adjust the strength of your coffee and give you the crema that you love with the push of a single button. All this adds up to your perfect cup of coffee.

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What we like

  • Uses the latest bean to cup technology
  • Twin boiler system reduces your brewing time and brews your coffee faster
  • Removable water tank for easy cleaning and only needs de-scaling every few months
  • Steam dispersal and hot water makes it a great Espresso coffee machine
  • Uses ceramic blades to grind and retain the finest quality of coffee
  • Has a fully adjustable grind setting. The higher the number, the courser the grind. Set to a lower number to get a finer grind.
  • Robustly built to give outstanding performance for years.
  • Makes little noise, despite the powerful grind that runs quietly in the background.
  • Personal preference is enhanced with the slick memory control functions, at the push of a button. Tell the Gaggia Brera Espresso coffee machine, the amount of water you like, the grind setting you prefer, brewing time and froth, and at the push of a button, you’ll have the perfect coffee brewed in less than 2 minutes, ready to pour with a tantalising aroma and full of all the rich flavours from your coffee beans.
  • Separate compartments are ideal for full strength coffee in one compartment and decaffeinated coffee in the other. Not something most bean to cup coffee machines make it easy for you to do. The Gaggia Brera does it all effortlessly.
  • It’s designed to give you easy access to both the water tank and the coffee compartments.
  • Stylish, compact, electronically controlled with push button technology, memory enhanced programming and easily adjustable strength selection
  • Gives hot water instantaneously
  • Holds enough coffee for around 10 cups
  • The instructions for the Gaggia Brera bean to cup coffee machines give easy to understand guidelines, ensuring you know what all the warning lights are, including the most common one of the machine needing primed. It has a self-cleaning programme, making it straightforward to prime.
  • As an Espresso coffee machine, there’s 2 nozzles so you can make 2 Espressos at once, or use them both for larger cups and fill them faster.
  • All the areas that need your attention, for topping up or cleaning are easily accessible.
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes and only uses 1W of energy when in standby mode.

What we don’t like

  • Only the front of the unit is stainless steel. The rest of the body is black plastic, although it is still a strong and robust design, that won’t break.
  • You have to empty the drip tray frequently, due to the self-cleaning programme.
  • Needs about 6 inches all round for ventilation, so it takes a bit of space in your kitchen, despite it being a compact design.
  • Steam nozzle is quite small, so it’s difficult to get a froth on larger cups, so not the best Cappuccino machine

Final Say

The Gaggia Brera is incomparable to all other bean to cup coffee machines that will have you flabbergasted with the tantalizing aroma of freshly ground coffee, finished off with a thick reddish brown crema that you can taste the smoothness of, the instant it reaches your lips. Offering a truly stunning experience, every budding coffee connoisseur is going to fall in love with.

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The Gaggia Brera is packaged up with a stylish and compact design, enhanced by simplicity of push button technology, to adjust the settings to your preference. You can adjust everything, from the grind, to the temperature, right through to the brewing time, with the added advantage of being able to save your own custom settings, for an exceedingly mouth watering cup of coffee that will have your taste buds reaching the heavens, the second the smooth crema touches your lips.

All the features you would expect from the ideal Espresso coffee machine, is a unique feature on the Gaggia Brera. Underneath the stainless steel exterior, you have a powerful 15 bar pressure pump, which extracts all the rich and flavoursome oils from the coffee beans, through the large 250g bean chopper, grinded with the integrated ceramic grinder.Gaggia Brera

On the outer body casing, the Gaggia Brera, Espresso coffee machine, gives you the modern and stainless steel finish, with the stylish LED display, fully electronically controlled for full convenience, with an energy saving standby mode of only 1W per hour, before the auto shut-off kicks in to save you even more energy.

Boasting a large 1.2 litre capacity water tank, that you can easily remove for cleaning, plus the stainless steel drip tray that conveniently detaches for emptying, the Espresso coffee machine is one of the easiest to maintain.

Combine those features with the top loading ground coffee compartment and one touch self-cleaning program, and you can easily see why it is that the Gaggia Brera is the leader in the bean to cup coffee machines industry.

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