Coffee Machine Reviews

When you’re trying to find the best coffee machine, that makes freshly brewed, taste bud tingling coffees, perfect for your palate, you could easily find yourself lost, sifting through the barrage of coffee machine reviews there are available.

Shopping on the high street can be tiresome when looking for kitchen appliance and sites like kitchen gadgets can narrow choice down to the select few which can be considered to be the best on the market.

Coffee Machine Reviews

You have to know the variety of coffee machines there are, and have an idea of what you want your machine to do.Now lets start with the types of coffee machines you need to know about.

Types of Coffee Machines

Many coffee machines come with a number of features but many coffee loves tend to prefer a single of type of coffee weather its a espresso or cappuccino.Now when you start reading coffee machine reviews have look at the type of machine and how it makes the coffee. Lets take a look at the different types.

  • Traditional Espresso machines

When you want to brew an Espresso that gives an alluring aroma, with a thick crema, and packs a real kick to it, you have to know what the machine needs, so it can carry out the functions best.

The best coffee machine for a rich and flavoursome Espresso will have a mid range power, suitable for home use, without needing the power of a commercial unit. The power is measured in the pump pressure. The pressure pump will need have a minimum of a 15 bar pressure. Domestic coffee makers can go as high as 19 bars, but you can get some lower priced Espresso machines with a 3 – 5 bar pressure pump.  Espresso machine

The pressure is one of the core components to look for in coffee machine reviews. The higher the pressure, the better your Espresso is going to be.

For coffee machines to make an Espresso, they have to be able to heat the water up to near boiling point. The steam pressure goes to work emulsifying the oils from the coffee beans. The more oils that are extracted, the more consistency is in your coffee. The more pressure your machine has, the thicker crema your Espresso has, so you really need to have a high pressure, which is one factor to finding the best coffee machine for you.

The good thing about using an Espresso machine is the combination of drinks you can make with it, since the Espresso makes the base of other coffee types.

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato and CaffeLatte

The above are just to name a few of the more popular choices of coffee, an Espresso machine can use.

  • Classic bean to cup coffee machines

A bean to cup coffee machine uses whole coffee beans and gives you the choice of grind you prefer. Bean to cup coffee makers, make the best coffee machine for varying strengths. They use integrated grinding blades, so you can refine your grind to get the perfect coffee in every cup. The Gaggia brera is the best bean to cup coffee machine we have come across and read our review to find out why Gaggia brera is the best machine a coffee lover can buy.

When looking at bean to cup coffee machine reviews, look for the ease of cleaning and the material used for the blade. Ceramic blades will retain more flavour from the coffee beans than you would get from a stainless steel blade.

The finer grind will give you a mild coffee, whereas if you use a coarse grind on your beans, you’ll get a much stronger coffee. The coffee machine reviews will detail if the machine is easy to use, whether it uses a turn dial, or push button digital technology, and how many grind programs are preset. You can also find some bean to cup coffee machines, let you customize the grind, and also save your preference, so you can get the same coffee, at the push of a button.Gaggia Brera coffee machine reviews

You can find some bean to cup coffee machines, also come with separate compartments, which is ideal for storing 2 different blends of coffee beans.

Those are ideal for your favourite beans, such as full strength Lavazza beans in one compartment, and decaf beans in the other.

Most bean to cup models, use digital technology, so you can make your perfect cup with push button simplicity.One we think is great to look at is this Gaggia classic coffee machine.

The bean to cup Espresso coffee makers are an excellent choice for coffee aficionados, as you get to fine grind your own coffee, with the integrated grinders, without the mess to clear up.

  • Cappuccino makers

For a Cappuccino drink, you still need to use an Espresso machine as that makes the base. The better Espresso, the better you Cappuccino will be. What does differ though, with different models are the frothing wands. You can get some that use steam wands, where you have to manipulate it to get a good, thick, and foamy froth on your Cappuccino, whereas others are fully automated, to give you a full body froth at the push of a button.

When looking at the coffee machine reviews, take note of the height of the main unit. The higher the unit, the longer the wand you’ll have. There’s also the added advantage of getting a larger cup filled too.

While you can get a handheld frother for a Cappuccino, investing in the best coffee machine, that can grind, steam and produce an excellent froth, all from one machine will pay off dividends, in the simplicity of Cappuccino making.

  • Attractive pod/capsule coffee makers

Unlike traditional Espresso makers, the capsules/pods coffee machines, can give you a wide variety of coffee flavours, all with the most easiest way to make a coffee. All your ingredients are pre-packaged into one small capsule that serves one. You simply put the capsule into the coffee maker, press the button, and the machine goes to work for you.

When your coffee’s ready, the empty capsule is discarded into a waste compartment, built into the main unit. Look for the capacity of that compartment in coffee machine reviews, so you know how frequently or infrequently you’ll need to empty it. Some can hold up to 10 coffee pods, before needing emptied, while other smaller units, can only cater to a couple of cups at a beans

Although the coffee pod option seems similar to using instant coffee, it’s the quality of the pods that work to trap the full flavour of your coffee, so it lasts until you’re ready to use it, without it losing taste.

You get the convenience of on demand coffee, with a simple capsule/pod, insert it into the coffee machine, push a button, and your coffee’s ready to drink. Some coffee machines can make your drink faster than it takes to boil a kettle too.

Which Coffee Machine

Coffee machine reviews can be a great way to drum up ideas of how you’re going to use the machine. You might find that when you first start looking for one, you’ll just want it to do what it’s supposed to and make your coffee for you.

On the other hand, you might be a coffee connoisseur, who likes to dabble in different flavours, styles, strengths, grinds and aromas. If that sounds like you, then the Gaggia coffee machine reviews for both the “Classic” and the “Brera” model will have you in heaven, with the variety of coffees you can brew to perfection with it. The Gaggia models are one of the most versatile coffee machines you’ll find, offering simplicity throughout and among the best coffee machine to make tremendous drinks from whole coffee beans, that’s ground to the settings you prefer, then brewed to perfection, giving a full body crema with a unique Italian style aroma.

 Decaff, Full Caffeine or Both?

There are some people who can drink coffee all day long, but prefer to switch to decaffeinated coffee as the day draws to a close. Coffee machine reviews will detail if there’s a separate compartment for using different bean blends, and how well they perform at staying fresh and remaining separate from the other compartment.

Convenience, Perfection or Both?

If you have a busy and hectic lifestyle, then you’ll probably want to find a coffee maker that has a fast heat up time. Coffee machine reviews are where to find that information. There are some manufacturers that have different opinions, saying the machine has a 2 minute heat up time, when in actual fact, when you use it, that 2 minutes, turns into 5 minutes. Coffee machine reviews are where you get the real data on how fast the machine takes to reach temperature, and even if it reaches the temperature that it’s supposed to.Dualit 84200 Espressivo Coffee Maker

All those details are listed in the coffee machine reviews for your convenience.

Finding the best coffee machine for you!

Regardless whether you like a full bodied, thick crema Espresso with a rich aroma to kick start your day, or if you’re looking at coffee machine reviews, to find something that will impress your house guests, you’re sure to find one that’s ticks all the boxes for you.I would start looking at a delonghi coffee maker or dualit coffee maker read our extensive review.

From a delicious and strong Espresso, to frothy Cappuccino drinks, to Latte Macchiato and CaffeLatte coffees, you’ll find the best coffee machine reviews, with the full details on what you need to know, so you can find the right model for you that’s going to last for years. Allowing you to enjoy true Italian café style coffee, with ease, and affordability without the hassles of grinding your own coffee beans.