How to Buy A Zanussi Washing Machine

How to Buy A Zanussi Washing Machine

If you are looking for a high performance washing machine then Zanussi washing machines are an ideal choice. Zanussi is one of the top manufacturers of electrical home appliances, including washing machines. Zanussi machines have a number of features and functions that make them ideal for any home, including large drum capacities, fast spin speeds and many washing programmes.

Zanussi provides three different types of washing machines; front loaded, compact and built-in. The majority of the washing machines are front loaded, the company currently has ten models. The benefit of front loaded washing machines is the ease of getting the laundry in and out of the machine.

Which Zanussi Washing Machine ?

There is one compact washing machine, the Zanussi ZWC1301. It’s front loading but a lot smaller than the average size of washing machines. This makes it ideal to fit into smaller spaces, such as studio apartments.

There are two built-in Zanussi washing machines; the ZWI71201WA ZWI71401WA Washing Machineand the ZWI71401WA. They are both designed to be fitted right into your kitchen, as opposed to freestanding machines. They’re ideal if you want a smooth look in your kitchen. They are both very similar except that the ZWI71401WA has a higher spin speed and is therefore slightly more expensive.

 Drum Capacity

Zanussi washing machines all have sizeable washing drum capacities. They range from 6kg to 8kg. 6kg is the average drum size for a washing machine and can fit a sizeable amount of laundry. The 7kg and 8kg models are usually more expensive but they can fit more laundry in and are therefore more useful. Also, you’ll save money over time as you can wash more clothes in one go instead of splitting them up into smaller loads which use more energy.

Zanussi Spin Speed

Spin speed is very important in a washing machine; a high spin speed ensures that clothes come out of the machine damp instead of sopping wet. This makes it easier to dry them, saving you time and energy. Zanussi washing machines all have decent spin speeds. They range from 1200rpm to 1600rpm. 1200rpm is the lowest but it is still a decent spin speed that gets clothes dry. Obviously the higher machines are the best, they are slightly more expensive but for the price they provide great value for money.

 Zanussi Washing Machine with Energy Efficiency

All electrical appliances now come with an energy efficiency rating, with A+++ being the best and most efficient. A selection of Zanussi washing machines have an energy efficiency rating of A+++, including the ZWJ14591W and the ZWJ12591W. The others are all either A++ or A+, which are still very good energy ratings. This means that Zanussi washing machines are more energy efficient than other washing machines brands and will save you money on your electricity bills.Zanussi Washing Machine

 Zanussi  Jetsystem

Zanussi has some innovative technology that is used to make the washing machines provide a high grade performance. The Jetsystem is an example of the great technology; it is designed to automatically adjust the time and water level to suit the laundry load. This means that you don’t have to wait until you have a full load to wash, instead you can put smaller loads in and the Jetsystem wash technology will lower the water and time. This saves energy and you money on your bills. Not all of Zanussi’s washing machines have the Jetsystem and the ones that do tend to be a bit more expensive. However, you should see a saving over time as you won’t spend as much on energy or water.

Fast Washing Cycles

Nowadays most people don’t have time to wait almost two hours for their clothes to wash; they want fast cycles that can get clothes clean in short periods of time. Zanussi washing machines provide just that. The Zanussi range has several quick wash cycles, including the quick wash at 30 degrees in 30 minutes. This is not only short but as it is washing at the low temperature of 30 degrees it saves energy too.

Washing Programmes

Zanussi washing machines have many great programmes. All come with the basic cycles for cottons and synthetics. The more advanced machines have other programmes, such as the fast wash, hand wash, duvet cycle and wool programme. All these cycles provide you with variety so you can select the perfect wash for your laundry.

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