Egg Poachers – How to Cook the Perfect Poached Egg

Many of us love poached eggs but cooking a delicious perfect poached egg every time can be difficult without a kitchen gadget.Those that are poached-egg-phobic will understand that making eggs is a art rather than science but with this new invention you won’t need to remember the whirlpool method or vortex method.

Poached eggs are my favourite i simply love them the same way you would love your partner, i like to indulge 2 poached eggs every breakfast. Breakfast is important meal as it gives you fuel to work through the morning, generally adults and kids perform better when they have a good breakfast.Some people (like me) can get irritable,frustrated and tired.
Egg Poacher

Kitchen Gadgets like to find new ways of making essential foods using gadgets that save us time and effort.We found a novel way of making perfect poached eggs every time using Silicone Egg Poachers.These pods are made out of silicone and you simple crack the egg into the pod and let the boiling water do its magic.

These pods are a great invention as they make life easier for me to cook a poached eggs in the morning before leaving for work. Previously i had to mess around with the vortex or whirlpool water method and to master it took a very long time. Making a masterpiece like poached eggs with these egg poachers has made cooking more funny and tidy previously my eggs would leak all over the kitchen worktop not any more i simple crack the eggs into the egg poachers leaving no mess behind.

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How to coke a poached egg using Egg Poacher Pod

Once you have purchased your kitchen gadget egg poachers you will need to follow the instructions below :

1) Boil some water in a pot

Let water each boiling point so we can use the moist to poach our egg.

2) Cover the inside of pods with a brush with olive oil (optional)

Now this step is totally optional you don’t have to do this but i generally do this so the poached egg can pop out of the pod easily once its ready.

3) Crack the eggs into the pods and add some black peppers

Place the pods on your kitchen worktop and crack the eggs into the pod and sprinkle some black peppers to get some taste.

4) Turn the temperature of water down abit

Now we are ready to place the pods into the boil water be careful!.

5) Place the pods into the water

Let the pods float on the water.

Egg Poachers 6) Cover the pot (optional but highly recommended)

Using moist air in the pot we are going to cover it to speed up the process.

7) Wait about 5mins check your egg

When you think its perfectly poached to your stands switch off the gas.

8) if its ready with a knife or hook take the pods out

Be careful as its hot !

9) Turn the pods upside down and coax the eggs out of the pods onto your plate

You use a knife around the edges of the egg to pop it out.

I love using this simple gadget is not a must have but for me its much easy to use these pods to make my delicious eggs. You can buy these pods on Amazon for £4.49 with free delivery, i would go with  pack of 4 for £8.75 to save money in the long run. Also with these pods you can use them to bake fairy cakes and other baking food items.

Where to buy ?

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Safety Notice : keep poly-bags away from children due to suffocation.

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