Kitchen Gadgets

Your kitchen needs to be the most functioning room in your home, and having the right kitchen gadgets at your disposal, is the easiest way to turn your house into a home, and give your kitchen a geek, with conventional, stylish, energy saving and time efficient appliances to add simplicity, and a touch of luxury, to your life.

It’s where all the sweet delicatessens, homemade stews, casseroles and soups are made, as well as filling your home with the essence of home baking, that adds the homely finish to your surroundings. Filling the air with the mouth-watering scents of your home baked breads, cakes and turkey roasts.

Kitchen Gadget Reviews

Not just main meals, but quick meals are hurled into your microwave, for a fast and convenient dinner in minutes, although you can get microwave/convection/grill combos, which take all the effort off your shoulders and give you convenient cooking at the push of a button.

The same can be done with baking, using state of the art breadmakers, which can bake cakes for you as well.

With a few easy to use kitchen gadgets, you can have soups that set your palate alight, served with fresh out the oven, baked bread, with a crust to match your liking, and washed down with a tantalizing, freshly ground café style coffee, that’s a sure way to impress your guests.

To make the most out of your kitchen, some gadgets will give you total convenience, while others will just take up your worktop space. You can use the tips below to help you choose the best kitchen appliances for your home.

How to choose Best Breadmaker

Breadmakers make it super easy for a novice home baker to turn out professionally baked loaves, with extreme ease. The best breadmakers come with time delays, which are excellent choice for when you want to wake up to freshly baked loaf, and the sweet essence of home baking, flowing through your home.

You’ll find a variety of features in the different breadmakers available, so you’ll have to know what type of bread you’re going to baking, in order to find the perfect breadmaker for your kitchen.Read our guide on how to choose the best bread makers.Kitchen Gadgets Kenwood BM4502

For affordability, the Cookworks breadmaker will be your cheapest choice, although they don’t come with all the bells and whistles you get on other brands. For speciality breads, such as gluten free, that uses a lighter and finer grain of flour, your best option is a Panasonic bread maker, as they use superior technology to make sure that the yeast isn’t activated before it’s ready to be proved.

If you’re new to bread making, the Morphy Richards breadmaker is ideal for beginners as the machines are super simple to use and they come supplied with easy to bake, flavoursome recipes that will have you churning out speciality breads with tremendous ease.

Kitchen Gadgets that you will love

For those who love to home bake but don’t have the time, then the Kenwood bread maker is going to be a delight to you, with its fast bake preset function, which bakes bread to perfection in less than an hour. One of the quickest baking options you’ll find, without you having to do all the kneading, proving and baking. The bread makers do it all for you, and all you do is add the ingredients.

All breadmakers come with different baking options, preset for convenience, to help you bake your bread to your desired taste.

Food Processors that slice and dice

Whether you like to cook in quantities and make crock pots of casseroles, homemade soups, stews and stoves  you can make them with extreme ease by using a food processor.

The high-powered motors, combined with the rotary blades are powerful enough to slice 1 LB of onions in seconds. You can also use them for potato dicing and perhaps even putting together a cake mixture.

Using food processor reviews will give you a thorough understanding of the best functions on the different models. Some are outstanding at slicing, while others with smaller blades, can’t process as much quantity as you sometimes need.Smoothie Maker

The contained space leaves less air in the mixing compartment, so while some models offer cake-mixing programs, you’ll find some details in the food mixer reviews pertaining to how the machine copes with diverse mixing tasks.

Food Processor Reviews help you decide

One thing that’s great when reading the best food processor reviews is that you can see right up front, the various attachments that you get with your appliance, ensuring that you don’t get a surprise when open it up, only to find you don’t have the right attachment for what you want to do. Mashing accessories are notorious for not coming supplied, leaving you to use a hand blender for creamy mash, when you might expect the machine to be able to cope with such a simple task.

Food processors are the perfect kitchen gadgets to shortcut your time in the kitchen, doing food preparation chores, and will give you a far superior finish, than you might get manually.

Deep Fat Fryers

Deep fat fryers used to only be available to bathe your food in grease. Leaving them with little taste and a huge amount of unhealthy fat. Now though, you have the option of using a low fat fryer. You can even find some fryers, which fry foods with as little as 3% fats.

Fryers only need a spoonful of oil

deep fat fryerNot just that though, as there are some models that only use a spoonful of vegetable oil, ensuring you’re frying your foods healthily. That’s both healthier and a cheaper cooking option. The added benefit is that you can chop and change your oils with every meal, and not have to waste 3 litres of oil.

Easy to clean

One thing deep fat fryers must be is easy to clean. There’s nothing worse than changing the oil and having grease spillages all over your kitchen floor. It’s a nightmare to clean up. The other thing to make sure is that the basket is non-stick coated, so you can be sure your foods aren’t going to be burned to the basket and difficult to scrub off. Some models have auto-clean programs too, which does the cleaning at the push of a button.
Philips AirFryer Make DrumsticksCheck out some of the deep fat fryer reviews, and discover the ideal capacity fryer for you. Some can make a meal to serve a family of up to 6 people in one go. They really can be the healthiest, most economical frying machines, capable of producing delicious meals out of chips, fried chicken, fish fingers, chicken sticks, homemade battered fish and chips, or even succulent steaks without leaving your food dripping in fat.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes. The best coffee machine you can get will create Espresso coffee with a full body, rich aroma and retain the full flavour of the bean. You can get simple coffee makers that do a decent job, or state of the art bean to cup coffee machines, which allow you to grind your beans to the settings of your choosing. Giving you a tantalizing and taste bud tingling, cup of coffee at the simple press of a button.Gaggia Classic

The best coffee machine will need the Espresso done to perfection, as that makes the base of all other drinks you can make. From a frothy Cappuccino to Latte Macchiato and CaffeLatte drinks. The frothers are different on each model, but you can find the full details of each model in the coffee machine reviews, as well as how functional they are, including the ease of cleaning and whether you have to clean up the dust from the grinder or if that’s incorporated into the design.

Pay particular attention to the pump pressure as the higher the bar pressure, the better the Espresso you get. That ranges from a 3 bar pressure, to a 19 bar pressure for domestic coffee machines, with the best operating around 15 -19 bar pressure.

Coffee Machine Reviews

Magimix M190

Use coffee machine reviews to find the pressure the machine uses, the ease of cleaning, the temperature the unit reaches, its compact dimensions and the amount of preset coffee making programs, as well as whether you can save your preference for your next cup.

It all adds up to make the best coffee machine, suitable for how you’ll be using it. Find one for convenience, (use coffee pods), or choose a model that will give you truly Italian style bistro coffee, for a luxurious experience in every cup.


Blenders come with array of functions for making smoothies, soups, liquidising vegetables, or adding some spices and herbs to your casserole mixtures.

You can even find a superb smoothie maker, powerful enough to crush through ice, making them ideal for making your own slush puppies drinks.Kitchen Gadgets -Phillips Blender

If you like to cook with spices and herbs to add a tang to your culinary dishes…then check out the hand blender reviews to make sure vegetables, potatoes, spices and herbs are easy to use with the food blender you choose. Some are perfect, while other hand blender models take quite a bit of wrist action to get them working efficiently and sometimes the mashing accessory can make a gooey mash, that doesn’t taste great. Check the blender reviews to see how they make mash as for most blenders it’s a problem food to make.

Make light work of your smoothie

The best hand blender should be light in weight, making it easy to blend/liquidise your foods, with a variety of attachments to cut down the time it takes you to prepare foods. It should also give you an easy to clean design, most of which can be done with a dishwasher and be able to cope with high temperatures, without distorting the size. Some attachments can shrink when they’re run through a dishwashing cycle, so make sure your blender’s going to be stand the test of time.

Small Microwave

Look in anyone’s kitchen and you’re sure to find a small microwave, sitting neatly on the countertops. They’re probably one of the main appliances that make a kitchen functional.

They’re stylish, compact, and convenient, which is why they’re one of the most essential kitchen appliances, you can have in your kitchen.

Microwave reviews help you choose, which microwave is right for you.

If you’re primary uses for microwave ovens is for reheating dinners, teas, coffees, cooking jacket packet potatoes, microwave chips, popcorn, or readymade meals, either frozen or boil in the bag, then Kenwood microwaves offers you the most basic functions from a reliable brand.Panasonic Microwave

A Panasonic microwave on the other hand, goes that bit further in their technology. They can give you the power of your main cooker, by giving you the technology of a microwave, integrated with a Quartz grill with a convection oven included, combined with the versatility of being able to program it to use all the different cooking options in one setting.

You can find yourself making full roast dinners for your entire family, with the convenience of the microwave doing all the cooking, leaving you with no need to tend to a cooker, turn potatoes, stir your foods or any cooking chore, you’d normally have. Microwave ovens can do it all.

The most technologically enhanced microwave ovens are Panasonic and Sharp microwaves as they combine microwave technology with a top grill and integrated convection oven, all into the one small microwave, giving you the convenience of fast cooking, with perfect results, every time.

When you’re looking at the various microwave reviews, one area to focus on is the power. The higher the wattage the microwave uses, the faster they will cook your foods. A small microwave with an E rating, (fastest cooking), has to operate with over 741 watts, although most will use 800 – 1000 watt power.

Vacuum Cleaners

One of your most used appliances in the home is vacuum cleaners. When it breaks down, you’re lost without it. To find the best vacuum cleaner for your house, you have to consider your different floor types, as well as the stairs, since you’re going to be treading dirt from the stairs onto the kitchen floor. You need to be able to transition between the different floor types…carpet, tiles, laminate etc. with ease. Some vacuums make this easy with an automatic floor adjuster, whereas with some cylinder vacuum cleaners, you need to change the settings manually.

henry hoover

For the kitchen though, a flat head, or handheld vacuum cleaner are often the best, as they allow you to get into every nook and cranny in your kitchen, to help ensure all the dust particles are removed, which makes for the perfect environment, for cooking up delicious and healthy meals.

One thing that stands out from the many vacuum cleaner reviews is the Dyson designs. They’re super efficient and tremendously reliable. The bagless design enables you to empty the unit easily, without releasing the dust particles into the air.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you might find your best to go with a cylinder vacuum cleaner with various attachments, and an extendable hose, or perhaps even use a separate hand held vacuum cleaner.

Turn your Kitchen into a Dream Cooking Room with the Best Kitchen Gadgets for You

Whether you’re a novice home baker, looking to bake your own bread, be it a speciality recipe, or a deliciously tasting jam sponge cake, you can do it all effortlessly with some of the best breadmakers available.

With the vast selection of small microwaves, some of which combine superior technology of microwaves, Quartz grills and convection ovens together, to help you make entire roast dinners, with vegetables, potatoes and all your side servings, all done in the one convenient kitchen appliance.

Of course, to be able to get the most out of your microwaves, you need to be able to prepare your foods to perfection. That’s where the power of blenders and food processors come to the rescue, taking all the hassle out cooking and cleaning. The only major cleaning chore you have is the vacuuming, and even that can be a breeze with some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.dyson dc25 one of our favourite kitchen gadgets

To ensure you get the most out of your kitchen, you can set your day off to a great start, by using one of the best coffee machines available, to give you a luxurious, Italian style Espresso, which retains the full intensity of your coffee beans, setting you up with the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

With the convenience of the right kitchen appliances, you don’t ever need to dread coming home to start the preparing your foods, cooking, baking, vacuuming or cleaning the appliances, as everything can be taken care of for you. Just add your ingredients, press a button, sit back, and await the alarm to tell you you’re dinner’s ready, coffee’s served and the breads ready to be sliced.

Making a choice

That’s the convenience you can have in your kitchen, with the right Gadgets to tackle the chores that you dread doing. Saving you time, effort, and often on costs too.