Beko Washing Machine WMB81241LW Review

Beko Washing Machine Review

This Beko washing machine has many features that are designed to make it an ideal machine for a large family and provide the user with several wash options. It has a large capacity drum of 8kg and a number of washing functions, including a 14 minute Xpress Super Fast programme.

These features sound great, but do they work? And does this washing machine provide what it promises? Find out all you need to know about the model in our Beko washing machine review.

Beko WMB81241LW Large Drum Capacity

This Beko washing machine has a drum capacity of 8kg. The average capacity for a washing machine is 6kg so a drum of 8kg is very large. It’s the right size for washing sizeable loads as well as bulky items, such as duvets.Beko Washing Machine

The large drum size will save you time as you won’t have to wash several small loads as you would with smaller capacity machines. This will also save energy and money as you won’t use the machine as much as you would if you had a smaller washing machine.

Beko Washing Machine Energy Efficiency

The large drum size of this washing machine makes the Beko WMB81241LW an energy efficient machine, this is because it can wash large loads in one go and you don’t have to use it as often as you would other smaller models. The machine is also rated A+. Every washing machine has an energy efficiency rating with the best being A+++.

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While this washing machine is not the highest rated it is very good for energy efficiency. Plus, it has different washing programmes so you can select the most economical one for the washing load you are doing, for example you can use the Xpress Super fast programme that only lasts 14 minutes for a small load.

It also has an automatic water level reduction system. It senses when there is a smaller load and reduces the water accordingly.

Beko  Washing Machine Easy Programmes

Beko Washing Machine Front Panel

The Beko WMB81241LW has 16 washing programmes, a large amount that allow you to choose the right one for the washing load you are doing. We’ve already mentioned the Xpress Super Fast programme.

This can be adjusted for a small or large load, making it perfect if you have different sized washing loads to do. There are a number of other programmes, including a hand wash programme which is very gentle and ideal on delicate clothes.

There is also a baby programme which is specifically for baby clothes and items. Baby items are notoriously difficult to clean as they have very tough stains. The cycle is tough on stains but gentle on the material. It has extra rinsing so that all the detergent is removed, making it gentle on baby soft skin.

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Best Washing Performance

We’ve found that this Beko washing machine performs very well for most washing purposes. The many washing programmes provide versatility and they all wash well. Other Beko washing machine reviews have found the same thing and this model has a rating of 9.3 out of 10 on review site Reevoo.

However, we have found a few small faults. The machine is quite loud when spinning. Many other washing machines on the market have quiet running but this one, when doing a high spin, has a high sound output.

This can be disrupting and the washing machine often moves when in a high spin. Also, the detergent drawer is a little flimsy. A sturdier drawer would be better; less of the detergent would spill and it would be easier to clean.

Product Specifics

  • Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 54cm
  • Colour: White, grey and black
  • Type: Free-standing
  • Energy efficiency rating: A+
  • Spin speed: 1200rpm
  • Washing performance: A
  • Spin performance: B
  • Drum capacity 8kg
  • Wash programmes: 16

Overall we’ve found in this Beko washing machine review that the WMB81241LW is an excellent washing machine with a lot of great features. The 16 wash programmes provide you with variety when washing your clothes and the large drum capacity of 8kg lets you wash large loads at once as well as bulky items.

It’s an economic machine and the automatic load sensor is very useful for reducing water. There are only a few small issues, such as the loud sound and the flimsy detergent dispenser. But these items don’t take away from the overall performance.