Top 10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Looking for a present this Christmas can be hard if you’re looking for a kitchen gadget. Here at kitchen gadgets we know many people have the common appliances such as a food processor,blender,microwave and many others.

Top 10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Whether it’s a simple gift such as Silicone Egg Poachers or  a SodaStream gift , giving these kitchen gadgets this Christmas might put a smile on your loved ones. Now we don’t rank these based on ranking but we think these are worthy on highlight this in our top 10 products.

1.Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder

Our first choice is this Bodum Electric Coffee Grinder which will help you grind the exact amount of coffee you want and they way you want it.It’s simple small coffee grinder with class it has one pulse button so you can grind your coffee. Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder would make a perfect gift this christmas.Its available in 4 different colours and holds up to 60g of coffee beans. If you’re interested in a coffee why not read our coffee machine reviews.


2.SodaStream Genesis Megapack

SodaStream is one of the best gadgets we have come across it turns ordinary tap water into sparkling water and Soda in seconds. Create your own fizzy pops with over 50 flavours to choose from cocktails to kids flavours. Sodastream Genesis Mega Pack comes with £25 free product flavours.

SodaStream Genesis MegaPack

3.  Joseph Joseph Chopping Board

Joseph Joseph Chopping Board

This is no normal chopping board well its from Joesph Joesph awarding-winning range.The joseph joseph chopping board is a categorisation system, you get colour coded boards to help you avoid cross-contamination. Each board has a colour tab which indicates the type of food you should prepare on it.

4. Lurch Spirali

Lurch Spirali


Many of us hate eating vegetables and i even hate fruits sometimes but i came across a amazing kitchen gadget. Its called the Lurch Spirali it transforms fruits and vegetables into spaghetti,spirals or slices. It’s a simple gadget that brings a new  idea to the idea veg and fruit is boring.




The Lurch Spirali is loved by professionals because fine slices need less time in boiling water or steaming and they make great items on plate for presentation.


5. iKettle Wifi Electric Stainless Steel Kettle


At number five we have the world’s first WIFI kettle yes you read that correctly. You can tell your kettle to boil your water using your smartphone. This iKettle is controlled by your smartphone app which can help you make your perfect cuppa.One benefit we can see is you can time your cuppa at your convenience such as when ad break has occurred or set the WIFI iKettle to wake you up so that you’re ready to go on time! You can even add skins to it and dress it up!


6. Food Safe Jar

Ever wanted to control access to certain foods such as sweets,chocolates and other spoils. Well our next kitchen gadget is the food safe jar, it may look any other jar but  the lid won’t just come anytime you want it. It will open when you have set the timer to release it from the locks.


Pro : Control your sugar rush

Price $49 buy direct from maker

7.WeMo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch


This WEMo switch allows to turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere. Using your wifi you can control this switch form your smartphone. Belkin have made a app for Apple and Andorid users.


8.Tefal BL142A42 Fruit Sensation Blender

Tefal BL142A42 Fruit Sensation Blender

Small Blender that looks like bullet blender is great smoothies and milk shakes. Best of all very easy to clean and great size for drinks.It can even grind nuts and garlic.


9.Bananza Frozen Desserts Maker

Bananza Frozen Dessert Maker

Make delicious healthy frozen desserts using 100% fresh fruit, the idea of fat frozen sweets that taste like ice cream makes my mouth water. This is  a guilt free kitchen gadget that helps you towards your 5  a day. The Bananza is  a great product from JML.

10. Kitchen Flip TV

August DA100C

Ever wanted a tv in the kitchen and hidden away in your kitchen then we recommend this Augusta DA100 10inch portable freeview TV. You can watch your favourite programs while you cook.You can even a usb stick and watch movies off your usb.