Morphy Richards Breadmaker Review

For those of you who love the taste of freshly baked bread in the morning, without the racket of a noisy appliance coming on in the middle of the night, then the Morphy Richards breadmaker could be just what you’re kitchen is needing.While many people decide to buy the Panasonic breadmakers which are far Superior than this breadmaker but when you are looking for a product that is value money than you will know this breadmaker offers a better alternative than its rival.
The Morphy Richards  48322 is one of the slickest breadmakers out their but apart from its design does it bake the best loaf. In this review we will try and go through its features and find out what Morphy Richards have included in this model.

Morphy Richards Breadmaker

If you are savvy in the kitchen then you won’t need to read the 50-recipe book provided, but someone like me will find this useful and for a great tasting loaf its great to follow easy to follow recipe, setting to bake it, perfectly to shape your taste buds.Now that we  have got your taste buds going lets have a look at the features.The bread maker comes number of advance features such has 13 programmes for baking some great treats.

Morphy Richards 48322 Features

  • 13 programmes including settings for  gluten free, breads and dough

With 13 pre-programmed settings, for all sorts of recipes, there’s guaranteed to be one that’s ideal for you.. From soft and lightly browned crusts, to hard baked, crispy crusts, there’s a setting for each of them that you’re sure to find a neat feature to the Morphy Richards 48322.

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  • 12-hour delay timer lets you wake up to fresh bread in the morning

Using the 12-hour time delay function allows you to load up the Morphy Richards breadmaker with all your ingredients and set it to come on a few hours before you get up, and you enjoy a freshly baked loaf for your breakfast.

There’s also an energy saving LCD display screen, which automatically turns off the illumination when you don’t need it.

 Box Content of  Morphy Richards 48322

  • 1 x Breadmaker
  • 2 x Measuring cups
  • 3 x Measuring spoons
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

With the 3 different measuring spoons provided with the Morphy Richards bread maker, makes light work of baking bread, and the instruction manual provides crisp clear instructions too. Once you have it out of the box, you’re on your way to getting your first loaf baked fresh so that you can enjoy right off your cooling rack.

Since home baking is an ideal way to save on costs, there’s no point in saving on shop-bought bread to pass it onto another area of your household bills. The Morphy Richards 48322 has your budget covered, so you can be sure that you’re going to save money by baking your own delicious tasting loaves, each time.

Morphy Richards Breadmaker easy to use

One of the great things with the Morphy Richards 48322 bread maker, is that the time delay function works with lighter flour too, so if you need to bake gluten free bread, you can have that freshly baked for you in the morning too. Something that other models just don’t have the technology to keep the yeast non-active for up to 12 hours, due the texture being lighter.

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  • 50 recipes included

For those who are new to home baking, the idea of baking your own bread can be overwhelming. The Morphy Richards breadmaker comes complete with a recipe book, which gives you 50 bread recipes to choose from, so you are able to bake all different types of bread and be delighted with the results each time.

  • Cool-touch LCD display

Morphy Richards 48322 Bright lcd screenAnother neat feature that the Morphy Richards 48322 model has is its cool-touch LCD display. A problem to some models as the housing and unit can become uncomfortable to touch due to the hot surface, therefore, when you have to touch the display screens to find out how your baking process is coming together, you’re going to appreciate the cool-touch nature of the Morphy Richards breadmaker.

  • Viewing window allowing the whole baking process to be monitored

The viewing window on the Morphy Richards breadmaker is great for letting you see the entire bread making process unfold, before your eyes.If you’ve ever tried to manually bake your bread, and it hasn’t turned out the way you imagined it, then you can watch the perfect loaf being baked, and see the bread rising the way it’s supposed too.

Fresh bread from morphy richards breadmaker

It’s also ideal for those with a young family who do their baking for family fun time. The viewing window lets you keep your young ones entertained by letting them see their loaf come together from flour to bread in only a few hours, while they get an education too.

  • The Paddle Problem!

A common complaint with bread makers is the paddle becoming stuck in the bread and unfortunately, this happens with the Morphy Richards 48322 model as well. That’s just inconvenient though and it doesn’t make the bread taste any different. You get top-notch loaves every time and the paddle is easily removed when you’re slicing the bread, so don’t let that put you off.

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The Verdict!

Fresh Bread from   morphy richards 48322

With 13 different preset programs, along with the 3 different crust settings, there’s definitely going to be a program that will bake your bread, to your delight. The 12-hour time delay on the Morphy Richards bread maker, makes it perfect for getting fresh loaf, first thing in the morning.

Combine those with the 50 different recipes you get included, that will have you baking a variety of freshly baked, great tasting loaves, that you can be proud of every time, makes the Morphy Richards breadmaker the perfect baking companion.