Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Review

For an intensifying coffee, with superb taste, quality and freshness, brewed at a high temperature, the Magimix Nespresso coffee maker, is the perfect all round machine, for brewing your coffee to perfection.

The Magimix Nespresso calculates the water temperature, the extraction time, and the pressure of the water, with extreme precision, to bring you the culminating aroma and taste with a thick crema on each cup of coffee, produced from the Nespresso machine.
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Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Review

You can use it the same way as you would, with other Espresso machines, to get a bistro quality coffee, at the push of a button, or you can take advantage of the vast collection of coffees, available for the Magimix Nespresso.

  •  Ristereto Espresso
  • Livanto beans
  • Roma capsules
  • Cariccio pods
  • Arpeggioto coffee

All of the above are coffees that come in capsules/pods, so that you just need to insert it into the Magimix Nespresso machine, and have instant café style coffee, freshly made at the touch of a button.

Top features of the Magimix Nespresso

  • Brand new design
  • Milk holder used for frothing
  • Patented Nespresso extraction system delivering up to 19 bar pressure at precise temperature
  • Fitted with an Aeroccino to create both hot and cold milk recipes
  • Automatic and programmable water sizing
  • Energy saving mode
  • Uses hermetically sealed Nespresso capsules with a choice of 16 Grand Cru coffees
  • Power:1260W

The Aeroccino device is part of the innovative new design on the Nespresso machines, which delivers outstanding quality with both hot and cold milk, for adding a full froth to your Cappuccino or Latte drinks, while adding a thick crema to your Espressos.

Easy to use Magimix Nespresso

The Nespresso machine also uses a separate milk compartment that’s super easy to clean up. You can use it with both hot and cold milk, or just make your coffee black and add a touch of milk later, if you don’t like to use too much milk in your drinks.

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The automatic programming of your water dispersion makes it astonishingly easy to fill your cup with just the right amount of water, and you can use the memory programs to recall the water measures you use the most.

It’s great for fast coffee when you’re in a hurry. Just insert a pod, push a button and you’re coffee’s ready faster than it would take you to boil a kettle.

With a large compartment for your pods, it doesn’t need emptying after every use, unlike other Espresso machines that use pods. The Magimix Nespresso machine, can comfortably accommodate up to10 coffee pods, before needing emptying.

With one of the widest varieties of coffee capsules/pods available, you can mix and match your coffee desires, as and when it suits you. If you like variety, you’ll smitten with the Nespresso coffee club, that will give you discounts on a variety of coffee pods, suitable for the Magimix Nespresso as well as a ton of ideas for getting the most out of your machine.

The Good Points                    

  • A wide variety of coffee pods, with different strengths and flavours available. (The Ristretto makes an extremely strong Espresso) nespresso machine
  • Delivers a coffee shop quality cup of coffee
  • Guarantees up to an extremely powerful 19 bar pressure
  • Uses patented extraction system, that’s second to none
  • Creates a smooth and thick crema, cup after cup
  • The milk heater is great with milk fresh from the fridge and the frother does as astounding job at giving you full froth on your Cappuccino
  • Because it uses coffee pods, there’s no mess to clean up, like you can find with most bean to cup Espresso machines
  • The Magimix Nespresso comes fully backed with a 3 year warranty
  • Easy to setup and get brewing coffee instantly
  • Has 2 options for Espresso or Lungo options at the push of a button. Making it ideal for long or short coffees or you can set your own water amounts as per your requirements.
  • The large chamber holds up to 10 coffee pods for disposal, so you don’t need to empty it after every use.
  • It caters to any size of cup, as you can just press the water release button, fill whatever style of cup you have, and the Nespresso machine can be set to remember your custom settings, making your future cups of coffee at the push of a button. Ideal if you want to use a long American style cup.
  • Fast heating water tank

The downside

  • Due to the new design, you can’t dip the milk frother in water to clean it. You have to use a damp cloth for cleaning.
  • Capsules/pods for the Magimix Nespresso machine, are only available to purchase online, so you can’t nip to the shops if you run out.
  • To get the best aroma and super charged coffee from the Magimix Nespresso, you’ll have to heat the cups up first, as it doesn’t have a cup warming function.

One of the main drawbacks of Magimix Nespresso machine is that you can only buy the pods online. They’re not like the Tassimo Espresso machines/coffee makers, where you can pick them up in the supermarket. You’ll need to keep an eye on your pod stock. Although you can get neat and slick, stylish looking compact racks to store your pods, which will help to know when you need to stock up.nespresso machine capsules

The frother on the machine, isn’t detachable to rinse under a tap for cleaning, but you can use a damp cloth easily enough to clean the milk frother. You can also use a baby’s bottlebrush to give the milk frother a thorough clean.

Wrapping it up

Hectic lifestyles are par for the course, in these modern times, and that’s where the technology of the Magimix Nespresso comes in best. The Nespresso machines are excellent for making instant coffee, without the bland taste you get from instant coffee granules.
Granted it’s going to be more expensive to keep stocked up with the capsules, but the quality of coffee you get each time is second to none.

The unique quality of the coffee pods/capsules, ensure that every bit of flavour is preserved in your capsules, just ready for you to insert into the Magimix Nespresso machine, whenever you want a superb quality cup of coffee. Be it for kick starting your day, or impressing your guests, the Magimix Nespresso will deliver years of unprecedented quality coffee, with simplicity in its use, for years to come.

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