Panasonic Breadmaker SD2502 Review

For those of you who are requiring a Panasonic breadmaker that’s capable of automatically making specialty breads such as high fibre loaves, gluten free, and/or low in salt, then the Panasonic SD2502 could be the perfect kitchen appliance for your home.It has a similar stainless steel as the kenwood bread maker BM450 which we reviewed earlier.

What you can find with some bread makers, is that when you’re using them in a smaller kitchen, you have to lean over the main unit. When the appliance doesn’t have a cool wall feature, you can find that gets hot to the touch. The cool wall feature takes care of that problem.

Panasonic SD2502 Stainless steelEasy to use angled control panel

The angled control panel makes it easy to see what’s displayed on the screen.

Automatic Yeast Dispenser

One of the problems with bread making is ensuring that the yeast is added to the mix at the right time in the process. Too early and the wrong temperature and the bread won’t rise and add it in too late and it will overwork the dough, again…affecting the rising of the dough in the baking process.

Panasonic Breadmaker Review

The Panasonic SD2502 breadmaker incorporates an automatic yeast dispenser to ensure that the ingredients are all added at the right time, to make sure the bread rises and turns out perfect with every use.

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  • Pre-programmed speciality baking mode

This unique feature’s programmed into the bread maker, for your convenience. One of the very few bakery machines that’s capable of working with spelt flour and other lighter grains.

Baking with lighter flours manually is a difficult feat in itself. Therefore, to find a Panasonic breadmaker as easy to use as this model, is an extremely rare feature to find. Ideal for baking rye bread, low salt, high fibre, and even gluten free bread.

  • Jam making function and 8 different recipes to use it

Not only does the Panasonic breadmaker bake your bread for you, it also produces great tasting jam with ease as well.

  • Recipe book included with every purchase

Your Panasonic breadmaker is only as good as the recipes you use. That’s why it’s great that the Panasonic SD2502 model comes with its very own unique recipe book that ensures you get the right recipes that will produce the best results every time.

  • Non-stick coating

One of the great things about this appliance is that it’s manufactured with unique non-stick coatings that contain diamond particles, on the bread tin and the kneading blade.

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Quite often, bread makers have the non-stick on the bread tin and not on the parts. The kneading blade is also non-stick, which makes the cleaning process so much simpler.

Panasonic SD2502 open lid non stick

On the subject of the kneading blade…a common problem with other models is being left with a large gaping hole in the finished loaf.

With the Panasonic SD2502 breadmaker, the paddle only leaves a small slit sized cut, rather than a hole, so you get more whole slices from your loaf as well.

Panasonic SD2502 Technical Spec

  • Produces small, medium and large loaves
  • Features a rapid bake function
  • Convenient 13 hour time delay, for fresh bread in the morning
  • 10 minute power interruption protection
  • Diamond Flouro coated bread pan
  • Cool touch wall

Panasonic Breadmaker Drawbacks

Like most machines, normally something lets it down and fortunately, with this model, there only is one flaw with it.

  • The Nut and Raisin Dispenser

The Panasonic SD2502 comes with a built in nut and raisin dispenser that helps you to make a variety of breads. Some users have found that when too much nuts, raisins or other ingredients are added to the compartment, the weight can cause the door to open too early in the kneading process.

Panasonic Breadmaker programmes

If you are using this part of the machine, you’re best to use the recipe measurements that come with the Panasonic breadmaker, so you know you’re using the correct weights that the Panasonic SD2502 unit is designed for.

The Ultimate Panasonic breadmaker Machine

The stainless steel finish on the unit makes it a perfect standalone kitchen appliance that can easily sit on your worktops, ready to be used whenever you want.

Whether you like to have soft and fluffy bread with a lightly browned crust, or like to bake crispy bread rolls as a side serving with a bowl of soup, there’s plenty of programs already there to make baking a breeze for you.

Panasonic SD2502 bread slices

Crisp clear instructions are provided to make sure your bread’s perfect as soon as its ready and it stays fresh for a while too. Then there’s the speciality breads you can make as well as the 8 different jam recipes. Regardless what program you use and what you choose to bake with it, the cleaning is made a breeze with the diamond particle coated non-stick surfaces.

The Panasonic SD2502 is among the first to be designed for use with lighter flour, making it ideal for those with particular dietary needs, whether it be low salt or gluten free flour you use, you can now have a bread maker that makes the baking as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Just toss your ingredients into the appropriate compartment and let the Panasonic breadmaker go to work for you.

In comparison with the predecessor – The Panasonic SD-2501wxc.

The SD2502 model, has a pre-programmed speciality baking mode, that’s ideal for baking rye bread and gluten free bread.

The SD-2501wxc doesn’t have this speciality mode built into the model. The only other significant difference is in the outer casing. This Panasonic SD2502 breadmaker, has a stainless steel finish, ideal for modern kitchens, whereas the older model of the SD-2501wxc breadmaker, the finish is in white. For the price difference, the SD2502 model is far superior for those requiring a breadmaker that can bake gluten free bread.

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