Tefal ActiFry Fryer Review

For everyone that loves fried food, but wants to enjoy all the health benefits of a healthy meal, without all the grease, then the revolutionary Tefal ActiFry Family sized fryers are your healthy solution for fried foods, which taste delicious, crispy, and makes for succulent steaks that’s loaded with flavour.

The reason the Tefal ActiFry is so popular is simply because it only uses a teaspoon of oil and hot air, to fry foods to perfection, creating fried dishes, that’s as low as 3% fat.

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When you use traditional deep fat fryers, you have the problem of grease being loaded in your meals. Even using kitchen towel, to try to draw out as much grease as possible, still leaves far too much of it for a healthy meal.

Tefal ActiFry Family Fryer Review

That problem no longer exists when you start using the Tefal ActiFry. The AL800240 model uses its superior technology to whirl hot air around in the unit, swirling the oil around, and rotating your food, ensuring it’s cooked right through, and maintaining the full flavour of any food you want to fry.

Tefal ActiFry Family Size Fryer

Succulent steaks, gammon, eggs, chips, sausage, and even fish taste great when they’re made using the fryer. The AL800240 model has a 1KG capacity, so it’s large enough to fry enough to feed a family of four. Allowing your whole family to eat healthily.

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Tech specifications for the Tefal ActiFry AL800240:

  • Fry crispy, healthier chips with only three per cent fat
  • One spoonful of oil is enough to cook one kilogram of chips
  • One kilogram capacity
  • Unique paddle automatically rotates food, cooking evenly with no need to shake or stir
  • Large steam-free viewing window
  • With a 1400 watt motor

Tefal technology

The unique paddle that that’s used for frying in the Tefal technology, makes the whole frying experience a lot easier, as it doesn’t need you there shaking the pan to stir the contents around, ensuring they don’t stick together. The paddle automatically rotates your food, so you can be sure it’s going to be cooked right through.

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If you’re used to using a traditional deep fat fryer, then you’ll no doubt be amazed by the large steam free viewing window.

Tefal ActiFry AL800240 technologyNormally, with any fryer with a viewing window, once you’ve used it for a bit, the window is filled up with grease and eventually makes it defunct. No matter how hard or regular you clean it. The reason is the grease and steam combined will cause the oil and grease to stick to the viewing window.

ActiFry Fryer for all

With the Tefal Actifry, you don’t have that problem, simply due to the low amount of oil, swirling action of hot air and superior technology that makes the viewing window clear forever.

Tefal ActiFry with open lid showing golden chips

The main unit comes apart easily, for a simple clean up too. Always a plus when you’re working with fryers.

It gives you the timer option. Since it uses a paddle to rotate your food, leaving you without the need to shake or stir your food around the pan, the only other thing that was left to make it one of the best ever fryers, was to take all the hassle out of frying your foods completely. That’s what the timer does.

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Add your foods to the fryer, and let the Tefal ActiFry do the rest of the work for you.

All that’s left for you to do is sit back and let it go to work, then serve your chips, sausages, chicken nuggets or fish fingers. Serve those up with some steamed vegetables and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious, and a healthy, tasty meal for your entire family.

The only drawback to the Tefal ActiFry Family sized 1KG – AL80240 fryer

It’s perfect for steaks, mushrooms, onions, chips and the likes, and the cleanup is super easy, but when you use it for foods that have breadcrumbs, you’ll find those tend to come off your food and onto the paddle and the pan.
It is easy to clean up, but the whole point of putting breadcrumbs on your chicken fillets, or fish steaks is to add a bit of crunch, and extra flavour to your dish.

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When you cook these foods in the Tefal ActiFry, you will lose some of the breadcrumbs on the food, to the fryer.

Final Say on Tefal ActiFry Fryer

For cooking healthy meals, while still enjoying the crisp nature of fried foods, the Tefal ActiFry family sized fryer, is probably one the healthiest ways to cook your food, right up there with steamers. Suitable for the entire family, with a capacity of 1KG, you can make a ton of chips in only 20 minutes. Although, if you’re filling to full capacity, a 1 KG bag of frozen chips will take 40 minutes, and you’ll certainly not mind the wait. They taste delicious every time.Kitchen top with Tefal ActiFry fryer

The cleaning is super simple as it all comes apart easily. As it only uses a teaspoon of oil each use, you don’t have to keep filling it up with oil only to be changing it weekly or tasting the fragments of fish from yesterday’s dinner, through the oil on the following days chips. You don’t have to go through a tonne of vegetable oil either, so the Tefal ActiFry is also cost saving, as well as being a healthier cooking option.

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