Food Processor Reviews

Food Processor Reviews looks at the functionality of  a food processor and why its a must have kitchen gadget in every kitchen. The role of a processor is to chop,slice,dice and mix.Most food mixers come with either a knife blade or dough blade and possibly dough hook.

Food Processor Reviews

There are many reasons why you may want to buy food processor but its not a necessity as you can chop and slice food by hand but this kitchen gadget can do it faster and in seconds.

What does a food processor do?

Let’s take a look at the chopping when you have a large quantity of food that needs chopping a food processor can chop vegetables, fruits and nuts in seconds. One of the reasons i love my processor is that can chop cookies into crumbs this great for making things like cheesecake. If you are a fan of peanut butter then you can make a delicious butter spread using your processor.

Chopping onions can be long hard task if you chopping a large of qty of them but a kitchen gadget likes can be a marvellous time-saver and it even can chop meat better than a mincer.


They can also slice but you will need an attachment which usually in the box . With this attachment, you will be able to slice fruit such as an apple, pears and you can also slice cucumbers. Many of the processors will let you choose thick or thin slices.Food Processor Reviews

Mixing and puréeing

You can be mixing many things in a processor, for example, you can make mayo by dashing in a whole-egg to make your perfect homemade mayonnaise.I love fillet-o-fish from McDonalds so one day i decided to spice up my homemade sauce by making homemade chunky tartar sauce using my food processor.

You can also make puree if your a pastry lover like me and don’t want to get your hands dirty you can use your processor to make a pastry. The dough feature comes extremely handy we will discuss kneading further down. Our Food processor reviews will help you choose the best food processor based on your needs. Now that you know this food gadget can duties such as a chopping, mixing and pureeing.

I never loved grating carrots as it can be hard work but if you choose one of the best food processors you will find they have a grating disc with different settings so you can grate vegetables, cheese and even fresh coconut!.


I have to admit that, i like using my hands to do food prep and one of them is kneading bread dough.If you’re like me with limited time then home baking has been made easy let the food processor do all the hard work while you do other things. Bear in mind not all models can do this. In our food processor reviews, you know which models can do this. Many dough attachments are not very good so your new processor could start dancing on your worktop.Food Processor Reviews KitchenAid Mixer

When investing in a best food processor for you will need to consider a powerful motor if you are thinking of kneading a lot.We all like bargains but cheaper models tend to cost you in the long run and you may end replacing parts such as the blade more often than normal.

Before reading food processor reviews you must understand how it performs, many people misuse a processor.The pulse button was neat invention as it will run at its highest speed as long you keep pressing the button. With this button, you have total control over the burst rate and can stop the processing at a normal rate.

If you feel you know what you are looking for then you could look at our reviews :

Top 5 Food Processors

Kenwood FP731 Review Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer Review Bosch MCM4100GB Review Kenwood F920 Review

Home Cooking

There’s typically 2 types of home cooking.

1)  Cooking fresh meals daily

2)  Cooking large quantities and freezing some. (budget meals)

What sort of cook are you?

Are you the type of person that likes to make a large pot at a time?

  • Stews
  • Casseroles
  • Homemade soups
  • or perhaps take a lot of your leftover meat, throw it in a crock pot to make a delicious stovie.

That’s the sort of question you’ll need to ask yourself, before looking through the food processor reviews. food processor reviews uses magimix food processor for slicing

There’s a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that if you are cooking in large quantities, you’re going to need a food processor that helps you blend, slice, dice, grate, and blend…all with a large capacity bowl and a powerful motor.

The second is for those who will be using the machine daily. If you are, then the food processor reviews, will help you identify the best models there are, for sitting on your worktops, without taking up a ton of space, leaving you no room to work on other things.

You can find those details in most food mixer reviews.

Before we reveal the best food processors on the site you will need to decide what appliance is best for your kitchen and what your needs are.

How to choose a Food Processor

There are three types of food prep gadgets: food processors, stand mixers (sometimes known as a kitchen machine or food mixers) and mini choppers. Scroll down for more on the different types and what they’re best at.

Lets start with looking at the typical things to look for in a food mixer review.


Size will be important if you require big bowl to make your Christmas cake or to make small cakes. Many people opt for the small size but i would recommend larger size bowl to account for any foods you may start making.

Bowl Types

  • Circular Bowls

Circular designs in the bowls are ideal for a couple of reasons. They provide an easy to clean bowl because you do not have cake mixtures or other sticky ingredients embedded in any corners. You can simply rinse it or put it through the dishwasher to have the bowl thoroughly cleaned.

The other reason is that the mixers sometimes have a tilt head, which makes it easier to access the bowl and check the consistency of your mixture.

  • Bowls and Jugs

Most food processors come with the option to blend your ingredients. This function is ideal for making fruit smoothies, milkshakes, soups, or even perhaps some energy drinks if you’re into your fitness.

Food Processor Blade Types

  • Knife Blade  – This is a standard blade or multi-purpose blade, which is included as standard. You would use this blade for mixing, mincing and chopping
  • Hook/Dough Blade – is used for kneading yeast type recipes such as cake dough, pizza dough and others.
  • Shredding and Slicing –  This blade is used to shred and slice to different types such as thin, medium and large. If you like homemade chips or fries then keep a lookout for food processors that can slice potatoes for chips.
  • Grating blade are used to the slice and dice blade for cheese or veg.

Bosch Food Processor

Some of the food processor reviews will let you know if you’re only getting the bowls or if you get the additional jug to help with measurements.


You also have to factor in what attachments you’ll need to get the most satisfaction out of a food processor.

Reviews help you find out this information so that when you do take delivery of your processor, you’re not going to get a nasty surprise when you find out the attachment you were hoping for isn’t there, or it’s an additional purchase that’s required.

Food processor reviews will have the attachments listed for your convenience.

If you’re going to be using the food processor on a daily basis for cooking your meals fresh every day, then you’ll want to look at what the attachments are made of.

You can get some blades constructed from plastic, some of which are strong and durable, while others can be downright flimsy, leaving you out of pocket buying replacement blades. Other models have stainless steel blades and grinding discs, which are ideal for daily use as they’re structured soundly, come with a guarantee and don’t break as easily as the plastic blades.

  • Plastic Spatulas for Cleaning

You’ll find that many of the food mixer reviews note that you’ll get a plastic spatula included. If you do notice that part, then look to find out about the cleaning up process. The negative aspects can sometimes indicate that bread making can be a problem if the dough is sticking to the bowl, making it difficult to clean.

Kenwood food processor review FP920

Finding the best food processor can be a difficult task as you will know, reading reviews upon reviews and still being confused on the features. We have done all the hard work for you and went out and found the best food processors on the market at the moment.

Food Processor Reviews Buyers Checklist

Have you got room to spare? Having it plugged in and ready to go is vital – if it’s stashed away in a store cupboard you won’t want to be bothered. Remember looking for  the best food processor is much easier when you know what you are looking for

Type – Do you need a stand mixer or a food processor?

  • Capacity – Look out for the capacity and think about what you need
  • Bowl – Smaller sized bowls are for simple things like cakes, baby food and simple dishes. If you want to make large items look out for a larger bowl which can handle things like a christmas cake.
  • Mixing – we know that choosing a top brand is not the answer but in some in case it is. So look for a mid-range brand that offers quality stainless-steel blades that whizz around for more than a year.
  • Speeds- Motor Size is important in any food processor as you want different selections of speeds, not just one. The Pulse button is great for short bursts which you have full control.
  • Dishwashing – During our food processor reviews, you will find that most of the devices are dishwasher friendly and they have removable parts.
  • Warranty – I  tend to buy items with long warranty as it helps when an item breaks down. Go for a three year warranty package usually places like John Lewis or Argos offer this.

You’ll also find out from food processor reviews, which models also come with supplementary recipe ideas. These can help you get the best use out of your new appliance as they’re often chalked full of tasty recipes that are perfect for the food mixer that chosen. Given you superior results every time.

Top 5  Food Processors

Make/ModelKenwood FP731
**Best Seller**
KitchenAid K45SS Magimix 4200XLBosch MCM4100GBKenwood FP920
Price£50 | Buy Now£269.99| Buy Now£243 | Buy Now£89 | Buy Now£450 | Buy
Capacity (ltr)1.5 Liquidzer / 3.0 Bowl4.3ltr bowl1.4 ltr1.25 ltr3 ltr bowl / 1.25 ltr Liquidzer
Motor Size

Speed Settings
variable settings
1012 plus plusevariable speed and pluse
Weight (kg)
4.67 kg10.5kg11kg4.7kg3.3kg
Dishwasher safe

Warranty1 years2 years3 years2 years1 years
Read Review
Kenwood FP731 ReviewKitchenaid Artisan Mixer ReviewRead ReviewBosch MCM4100GB ReviewKenwood F920 Review

Now we have carefully chosen our top 5 food processors based on customer feedback and mums who have tested the food mixers thoroughly. Read our food mixer reviews to choose your food processor we high recommend the kenwood FP731.