Small Microwave Reviews

Even a small microwave can pack a real punch when it comes to the power of fast and convenient cooking. From frozen ready meals, steaming vegetables, roasting chicken to full on roast dinners, you’ll find a wide array of microwave reviews that will highlight which microwave is best for what purpose.

Take for example the Whirpool microwave. Reviews indicate that this is the brand that’s renowned for the basic functions, you’d mostly use a small microwave for :

  • Microwave chips
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Popcorn
  • Reheating tea/coffee
  • Cooking frozen ready meals
  • Or, defrosting frozen meals, you’ve prepared earlier…just ready to reheat when you need to.

To use microwave reviews to find the best small microwave for you, you need to know what the functions are.

Small Microwave Reviews

For a basic small microwave, nearly all models will give you the power and versatility that you need, to make your life more convenient.

Microwave Energy Ratings

For added convenience, they’re rated on energy scales from A to E. A being the lowest power and the longest cooking time, to an E rating, requiring microwaves to cook above 741 watts. Most E ratings microwaves have an 800-watts power, which gives you the fastest cooking time.

For those with a busy lifestyle, or even not a big appetite, then you might find yourself looking for a small microwave that’s used mostly to reheat your dinners, when you do feel like eating it.

Small Microwave Reviews with Whirlpool Max 35 in Red

For reheating purposes, you’ll need to find a small microwave that has at least a turntable of 28cm. This is the size that will accommodate full size dinner plates comfortably, without affecting the circular turntable. Although you can go as low as 27cm and still find that you’re able to use this same function.

You can also find that brands such as Kenwood microwaves, come in small, compact sizes, and go that bit further by giving you a wide array of preset programmes, allowing you to get more out of your compact microwave.

Types of Microwaves

Microwave/Grill combos

These will differ in size, dependent on the size of the grill. Panasonic microwave ovens use a Quartz grill at the top of the oven, which is how they are able to give you a small microwave, but still with the additional power of a top grill, that’s ideal for browning the top of a shepherd’s pie or grilling a bit of fish.

Size isn’t everything, and among the microwave reviews you’ll find yourself looking at, you’re no doubt going to be amazed by the power and versatility of microwave/grill combos, as although they may be small to look at, they still pack a large interior that makes the most of the space available.

Both Panasonic microwave ovens and Sharp microwaves, often discard the circular turntable in their combos, in favour of a square rack shelving system. When you’re looking over microwave reviews for a combo, this is something to look out for. The square design lets you get more cooking space in the capacity of the oven, than you would with a circular turntable design.Small Panasonic Microwave Oven

If you are going to go with this option, make sure the convection oven is fan assisted to fully circulate the heat and give you even cooking. You don’t have the turntable to help distribute the heat, so you’ll need a convection oven that’s fan assisted for even cooking that cooks your foods right through, with no cold spots.

Microwave/Grill/Convection oven combos

This type of microwave has the power to replace your main oven. The main brands that are great with these models are the Panasonic microwave ovens and the Sharp microwaves.

Both types will come with a variety of cooking options. You’ll find more information on microwave reviews, than on the product descriptions, as you can often mix and match your settings. This will give you a preset programming option, that will let you microwave on full power for a set amount of time, then automatically divert onto the convection oven for a preset time, before switching to the grill function to give your foods a nice browning over the top.

Ideal for cooking for cooking large dinners for the entire family, with the convenience of programming the microwave once, and not having to tend to it, until it’s ready to serve.

Although this type of microwave is multifunctional, you will find that they’re not exactly a small microwave. They can dominate your worktops and because of the sheer power they have, they need additional room around them, for safety reasons, so the appliance can get a good amount of ventilation.Sharp R270SLM

What to lookout for in microwave reviews

With the variety of microwave reviews online, it can be difficult to find out which microwave will be the best option for what you need it for.

That’s why before you go looking to find a microwave, that’s either compact, lightweight, (ideal for wall hanging), stylish to blend in with your kitchen décor, or just super easy to use, you need to know what you’ll be using it for.

If you cook a variety of dishes, such as:

  • Pizza bases
  • Proving bread
  • Baking cakes
  • Tandoori chicken dishes
  • Roast dinners…

And want the convenience of a microwave to make life simpler, then looking over microwave reviews for Panasonic microwave ovens or Sharp microwaves will let you find one that has the most functions preset, to help cook full dinners in one go, or bake cakes to perfection the first time around, without the messy cleanup process.

On the other hand, if you just need a small and compact microwave that’s mainly going to be used for reheating purposes, cooking readymade frozen meals, defrosting or even cooking jacket potatoes, then microwave reviews for Kenwood microwaves, (as they’re the best at basic functions), is where to start.

All 3 brands offer unique and innovative design features, enhanced by touch technology, in every small microwave model they have,  and offer you insightful preset cooking options, with the sturdy builds that will last way past their warranty period, and give you years of satisfaction, while helping to make life more convenient for you.